“We all find ourselves looking through a certain window at the world, with the window resembling a frame inside which we see our own vision of life. Some tend to look from inside the window at the outside world, while others tend to look from outside into the hidden world behind closed windows. I choose to give myself the freedom to look both inside-out and outside-in.

My camera’s viewfinder is the window frame I use to compose my world.” Wael Kamal.

The artist intentionally allows the viewer the opportunity to participate in the shot, thinking about the bigger image, by leaving some details out of the frame. He is known for his photographs that walk a fine line between detail and abstraction.

Wael Kamal is an award winning Egyptian photographer based in Boston, USA. He is Assistant Dean in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UMass Lowell. Prior to serving as Assistant Dean, Kamal served as the founding Director of the Digital Media Program at UMass Lowell. He is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Art & Design department at UMass Lowell.